What you should know about chip tuning

Chiptuning: You should know that! Motor tuning is becoming increasingly popular. Many car lovers like to tinker with their own vehicle to increase its performance. But there are a few legal things to consider. If certain requirements are not complied with and the vehicle is still on the road, fines may be imposed. Therefore, professional […]

Landrover Defender Chiptuning

The Landrover Defender – rarely do vehicles occupy such legendary status as this vehicle does. Expeditions around the globe have been carried out and you are a real adventurer only when you have driven through the desert with a Defender. With a chip tuning, the Landrover can once again advance into completely different spheres. The […]

Chiptuning for the Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI

Performance increased by chip tuning for the Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI Of bhp© motorsport   The 10-cylinder engine of the Audi R8 is not powered by any performance as standard. Nevertheless, many drivers, especially the smaller expansion stages of the V10 with 525hp, 540hp, 550hp and 560hp, want a power upgrade. Some may think […]

Chiptuning for VW T6, T5 and Crafter

Chiptuning for the VW T6, T5, T4 and Crafter Of bhp motorsport   Performance improvements for VW’s transporter models Bhp motorsport for many years. The engines of the T4, T5 and now T6 models are equipped with high reserves and are therefore perfectly suited for chip tuning. In this case, the increase in engine power […]

Chiptuning for Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 TD V8

Chiptuning for Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 TD V8 Of bhp motorsport   Due to the high vehicle weight, chip tuning makes real sense for the Toyota Landcruiser. For this reason, the Bhp motorsport has long been with the performance improvement of Toyota. Fifteen years ago, the first Toyota Diesel vehicles were converted with a tuning box. […]

Chiptuning for BMW F and G models

Chiptuning for BMW models of the „F“ and „G“ series with the Bosch MG1 and MD1 motor control now optimizable by a characteristic field optimization Of bhp motorsport   BMW’s latest vehicles have recently been fitted with new engine control units. bhp motorsport has now taken care of these and is already developing the appropriate […]

Chiptuning for the BMW 540D G30 / G31 with 320hp

Chiptuning for the BMW 540D G30 / G31 with B57D30 engine with 320hp Of bhp motorsport Newly tested at Bhp motorsport is the chip tuning for the BMW 540D. The vehicles with the new CONTROL unit technology MD1 from Bosch can now be improved with a field optimization. The 6-cylinder in-line engine is ideal for […]

Chiptuning for M2 Competition

Chiptuning for the BMW M2 Competition Of bhp motorsport     bhp motorsport – at the forefront when it comes to increasing performance through chip tuning of BMW models. The new BMW M2 Competition of the F87 series can also be significantly improved in performance by optimising performance. The S55 engine from the BMW M3 and […]

Chiptuning Mercedes News

Chiptuning News for Mercedes Vehicles From now on, significantly more current Mercedes models can be programmed directly via the OBD2 interface. This means that the motor control unit no longer needs to be removed or opened to perform a characteristic field optimization / chip tuning. Instead, Bhp motorsport can now program these both directly in […]

Chiptuning for the Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan

Chiptuning for the Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan   Diablo, Murcielago – and Aventador. Vehicles that must not be missing from any car quartet. Hardly any vehicle has thrilled fans for as long as Lamborghini. We have always been aware that high-bred engines without a turbo cannot achieve a huge power output. Nevertheless, due to its […]