Performance increased by chip tuning for the Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI


bhp© motorsport


The 10-cylinder engine of the Audi R8 is not powered by any performance as standard. Nevertheless, many drivers, especially the smaller expansion stages of the V10 with 525hp, 540hp, 550hp and 560hp, want a power upgrade. Some may think that chip tuning for suction-petrol engines without a turbocharger or compressor doesn’t do much. However, the V10 (except the 610hp-ler) are reduced throttled motors, which can be unleashed by software optimization. Chiptuning is available for both the R8 Type 42 and the Audi R8 Type 4S.

bhp© motorsport dethrottles the performance of the R8 V10 by adjusting the engine characteristics, thus releasing an engine power of over 600hp. This makes the vehicles much more agile and significantly increases performance. The experts read out the engine control unit via the OBD2 diagnostic interface and then transfer the changed data set again. This way, the control unit does not need to be opened or removed. The performance improvement is of course carried out as always according to the bhp motorsport principle that the suitability and longevity of everyday life is not restricted.

bhp© motorsport puts the Audi R8 models on the in-house dynamometer and programs all the important parameters for the new performance. Here, the vehicles can be driven and tested at maximum performance. Meanwhile, all values can be monitored via the diagnostic interface. This means that journeys beyond 300 km/h are also possible without taking any risks on the road. Of course, the test bench is suitable for the Quattro drives of the Audi R8 models. On request, the performance of customer vehicles can also be precisely measured and logged.

For any performance optimization through chip tuning, a warranty can be purchased at an additional cost.


In combination with chip tuning, we are happy to offer modified intake and air filter systems as well as exhaust systems.


We are very much looking forward to your inquiry and will gladly take time for a consultation. Please hand over your vehicle to our experienced hands. bhp© motorsport is the right partner for performance enhancements and chip tuning for your Audi R8.

Chiptuning for the Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI