Chiptuning for the BMW M2 Competition


bhp motorsport



bhp motorsport – at the forefront when it comes to increasing performance through chip tuning of BMW models. The new BMW M2 Competition of the F87 series can also be significantly improved in performance by optimising performance.

The S55 engine from the BMW M3 and M4 is already intended for „higher“ as standard. For this reason, the specialists from Bhp motorsport to reveal the hidden potential through a field optimization. The software of the original engine control unit can be processed via the OBD 2 interface.

All important parameters are tuned so that the engine, dual-clutch transmission and differential work together perfectly. Depending on the software level, performance values of up to 550hp and 750Nm can be achieved. All settings have been set up on the in-house performance test bench of Bhp motorsport tested. For customers who prefer a slightly more discreet performance increase, Bhp chip tuning in adapted stages. Of course, optimizing performance also includes raising the maximum speed limit. This will also be raised in the course of chip tuning on request. This allows speeds of more than 300 km/h.

On request and at an additional cost, there is a guarantee insurance for engine and drive as well as a TÜV certificate for registration in the vehicle documents.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding chip tuning and performance enhancement for your BMW vehicle.

Bhp motorsport specializes in tuning through cross-field optimization and V-Max suspensions for various BMW and BMW M models.

Chiptuning for M2 Competition