Chiptuning for the VW T6, T5, T4 and Crafter


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Performance improvements for VW’s transporter models Bhp motorsport for many years. The engines of the T4, T5 and now T6 models are equipped with high reserves and are therefore perfectly suited for chip tuning. In this case, the increase in engine power is achieved by optimizing the control field of the software of the original engine control unit (no tuning box). Over the years, the vehicles have been repeatedly tested on the test bench of Bhp motorsport tested and tested. In each case, new engine types were immediately re-examined and subjected to extensive tests. Thus, ideal performance values could be achieved without compromising durability or suitability for everyday use.

With the T4, it was only worth modifying the 2.5TDI engine, because only this one had sufficient technology, which was suitable for an electronic performance improvement.

With the T5, the world looked very different. There are a variety of diesel variants (1.9TDI, 2.0TDI, 2.0 Biturbo Diesel, 2.5TDI) and even a turbo petrol (2.0TSI). near Bhp motorsport, all models have been modified frequently and equipped with a new tuning engine software. Among other things, some customers were also concerned with raising the maximum speed limit.

Chiptuning for the VW T6:

In the meantime, we have arrived at the 6th generation of the VW. Called VW T6 – ideal for chip tuning by Bhp Suitable.

The 2.0TDI with a turbocharger is offered factory-side with 84hp, 102hp, 114hp and 150hp. Here, performance improvements are possible by chip tuning up to 200hp.

The 2.0 Biturbo Diesel – now even delivered with 204hp, has potential up to approx. 250hp

The 2.0TSI Turbo Petrol engine with 204hp is increased to an engine power of approx. 270 -280hp.

the characteristic field optimization of bhp includes all important areas such as injection, charging pressure, particulate filter cleaning, gas pedal characteristic, torque limits and V-max limits. The change in the manufacturer of the engine control unit was also striking: in the case of VW T4 and T5, the diesel models were always equipped with Bosch technology. The Delphi DCM6.2 is now used for the T6 2.0 diesel engine. This too can be reliably modified.

With the VW Crafter, the performance improvements are the same as for the respective T4, T5 or T6 engines.

Each tuning software is adapted so that it perfectly harmonizes with the respective gearbox. The VDU can easily cope with the setting, as Bhp does not exceed the load limits of the gearbox. Already during the development of chip tuning, bhp takes careful care that an engine guarantee can be offered in the future (additional charge).


We look forward to hearing from you about your inquiry about the VW models. We would be happy to advise you in detail.

Chiptuning for VW T6, T5 and Crafter