Chip tuning

Chiptuning Honda Type R

Chiptuning Honda Civic Type R   Chiptuning Honda Type R – General Information The brand-independent tuning company bhp┬« motorsport has been active in the field of chip tuning for almost 20 years. All tuning methods developed by their experienced experts have been extensively tested and tested. As part of this development work, all relevant components […]

What you should know about chip tuning

Chiptuning: You should know that! Motor tuning is becoming increasingly popular. Many car lovers like to tinker with their own vehicle to increase its performance. But there are a few legal things to consider. If certain requirements are not complied with and the vehicle is still on the road, fines may be imposed. Therefore, professional […]

CVN matching when chip tuning bhp included

Chiptuning from bhp motorsport – Now with CVN matching for all VAG, Porsche and BMW vehicles   From now on, the CVN code for all BMW, Porsche, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen modelsequipped with the Bosch EDC17 and MED17 ECUs will be automatically calculated for every software optimization. The Alientech programming tools automatically calculate it […]

Compressor Tuning Kits Mercedes

Compressor tuning for Mercedes engines from bhp motorsport   bhp┬ę motorsport has been working on improving the performance of Mercedes engines since the beginning. For many years, the sporty motors were equipped with a compressor charge. The experts at bhp┬ę have developed a corresponding change in compressor translation for all these engines. Here, a higher speed […]

Sports ads on BMW models

Customize BMW sports ads with chip tuning Of bhp┬ę motorsport   Now bmw F-models, which have the so-called sports displays, power displays or even sports displays in the central display, can display the new performance values after chip tuning. Until now, the sports displays were only partially able to correctly display the higher performance values after […]

Chiptuning for tractors and land machines

Chiptuning for tractors and agricultural machinery Of bhp motorsport   Due to the high demand, Bhp motorsport has now also increased performance through chip tuning for agricultural machinery and tractors. This is not an additional electronics or a tuning box, but a correct chip tuning by optimizing the characteristics of the engine control unit. By […]

Chiptuning for Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 TD V8

Chiptuning for Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 TD V8 Of bhp motorsport   Due to the high vehicle weight, chip tuning makes real sense for the Toyota Landcruiser. For this reason, the Bhp motorsport has long been with the performance improvement of Toyota. Fifteen years ago, the first Toyota Diesel vehicles were converted with a tuning box. […]

Chiptuning Mercedes News

Chiptuning News for Mercedes Vehicles From now on, significantly more current Mercedes models can be programmed directly via the OBD2 interface. This means that the motor control unit no longer needs to be removed or opened to perform a characteristic field optimization / chip tuning. Instead, Bhp motorsport can now program these both directly in […]