Chiptuning Porsche 992 by bhp motorsport

Porsche 992 Chiptuning by bhp bhp motorsport has also already dedicated itself to the new Porsche 992. The current engines from Porsche have incredible performance potential,which bhp motorsport exploits by optimizing the software of the original engine control unit. The data is read out and replaced with specially adapted parameters. This leads to a significant […]

Chiptuning for the BMW 535d

Chiptuning BMW 535d by bhp motorsport – your partner for professional performance enhancement and chip tuning With its 272 hp as standard, the BMW 535d is a powerful vehicle with strong acceleration and already good performance. However, chip tuning can be used to increase the performance of the engine to the highest level by optimizing […]

Chiptuning Porsche 991 -2 Facelift 3.0 Turbo

Now available for all Porsche 991 Carrera / Carrera S / Carrera GTS with Turbo Here you can see pictures of our test bench test. It is an increase in performance for a Porsche 991 Carrara S with 420hp and PDK. The input measurement already yielded a result of 440hp and over 500Nm – but […]

Chiptuning Honda Type R

Chiptuning Honda Civic Type R   Chiptuning Honda Type R – General Information The brand-independent tuning company bhp® motorsport has been active in the field of chip tuning for almost 20 years. All tuning methods developed by their experienced experts have been extensively tested and tested. As part of this development work, all relevant components […]

Engine Chiptuning Mercedes AMG W205 4.0TT

Engine Chiptuning Mercedes C63 AMG W205 4.0TT 476hp and 510hp   Once again, bhp-motorsport has optimized the current 8-cylinder turbo engine from Mercedes AMG. By chiptuning the engine control, we were able to increase the engine’s performance to over 600hp and 800Nm. The V-max limit has also been lifted. The car now achieves a top […]

Chiptuning for the Mercedes GLC 220 CDI

bhp motorsport chiptuning for the Mercedes GLC 220cdi and 250cdi X253   bhp motorsports chiptuning department has dedicated itself to the Mercedes GLC models. Especially the 220cdi (170hp) and the 250cdi (204hp) engine of the type „OM 651 DE 22 LA“. The 220ccdi is a performance-reduced version. bhp motorsport can achieve a great increase in […]

Powergate 3+ End Customer Flasher

Powergate3+ is the portable OBD programmer with touchscreen that allowsyour customers to program the control unit of their vehiclescompletely autonomouslyby using pre-installed identifiers that you have modified. It is a technical innovation, which allows you to attract new customersthat are far from you. Configure and customize the Powergate3+ and send it to your customer wherever it is. […]