Chiptuning Honda Civic Type R


Chiptuning Honda Type R – General Information

The brand-independent tuning company bhp® motorsport has been active in the field of chip tuning for almost 20 years. All tuning methods developed by their experienced experts have been extensively tested and tested. As part of this development work, all relevant components were of course also considered so that a vehicle can be handed over to the customer without restrictions. Thus, bhp® motorsport offers its customers a high-quality and everyday product, on request even with TÜV and warranty – an all-round carefree package.

Honda Chiptuning – Performance enhancement for your Civic Type R with bhp® motorsport

The competent workshop team specializes in modern performance and torque enhancement through professional field optimization. All engine parameters are matched to each other in the best possible way. Accordingly, the untapped performance potential of the Honda Type R Turbo engines is activated by chip tuning without negatively affecting the vehicle hardware and software.

Since the specialists of bhp® motorsport individually coordinate each Honda Type R, as far as technically possible, the preferences and wishes of the customers can also be implemented. The in-house programming of the tuning software uses one of the most modern all-wheel-drive test rigs for the development of chip tuning for Honda vehicles. Due to the intensive research work of the specialist workshop, all Chiptuning Type R conversions can receive a TÜV certificate (subject to a surcharge) in order to retain the road approval.

Chiptuning Honda Type R – Key Features

The specialist workshop develops methods for increasing performance by optimizing the field of knowledge specifically for specific vehicle models and brands. Accordingly, no unprofessional tuning boxes are used, as this could cause numerous side effects and damage to the car. In addition, an effective and reliable increase in engine power (kW / HP) and torque can only be achieved through real chip tuning. Professional field optimization also has the advantage that gearboxes, catalytic converters, charge air coolers and various other units can also be influenced by the software and are geared to the increased engine performance.

Since all engine parameters are matched extremely professionally and of high quality when tuning Honda vehicles by bhp® motorsport, customers can optionally purchase an additional warranty. This covers a possible loss of the manufacturer’s warranty and allows the customer to drive without hesitation (subject to a surcharge).

Honda Chiptuning Type R – Pros and Cons

In the tuning workshop of bhp® motorsport, the in-house development of Honda Type R engines achieves an enormous increase in performance. The characteristic field optimization ensures an increase in engine power of up to approx. 20. when the type R engines are chip-tuning, bhp® motorsport attaches the highest importance to the same service life of the engines. Likewise, the vehicle should not lose its everyday character due to the chip tuning. Furthermore, the maintenance costs and maintenance intervals as well as the insurance premium after the chip tuning of the Type R motors usually remain the same. In addition, the optimized tuning of the entire engine software even reduces fuel consumption.

A small disadvantage of chip tuning by bhp® motorsport is the relatively high time required for installation or individual configuration. The special technology of bhp motorsport can only be installed directly on site or at a partner licensed by bhp. The chip tuning requires a one-time stay of several hours.

Chiptuning Honda Type R – The Conclusion

In summary, chip tuning by bhp® motorsport is an extremely effective way to achieve an enormous increase in power and torque through field optimization. The increase in performance in direct relation to the installation costs shows that this tuning method offers an excellent price/performance ratio. In addition, there is an optional possibility to increase or have the maximum speed limit (V-max lift) removed directly in the specialist workshop. For Honda fans, this is a serious, interesting and recommendable tuning method!

Chiptuning Honda Type R