Engine Chiptuning Mercedes C63 AMG W205 4.0TT 476hp and 510hp


Once again, bhp-motorsport has optimized the current 8-cylinder turbo engine from Mercedes AMG. By chiptuning the engine control, we were able to increase the engine’s performance to over 600hp and 800Nm. The V-max limit has also been lifted. The car now achieves a top speed of well over 300km/h.


bhp motorsport changes all relevant characteristics in the engine control unit and achieves this huge performance difference due to the changed parameters. – no tuning box, no auxiliary control unit but correct chip tuning through characteristic field optimization.


Thanks to the significantly increased performance, the car now achieves much better acceleration and pull-through values. On request, you will receive a TÜV certificate and an engine warranty (at a surcharge) for this performance increase.


The optimization of bhp motorsport can be carried out on both the 476hp C63 and the 510hp „C63-S“ model. We also optimize the AMG GT, GT-S, GT-C, GT-R models. We even offer chip tuning for the Mercedes G500 422PS 4.0Turbo.


Of course, those interested in performance can also have their vehicle measured before and after on our performance test bench in Weilheim. After chip tuning, you will receive a protocol with all relevant performance data and curves.


For fans of even higher performance, we also offer an expansion stage to 680 – 700hp and 900Nm. For more information, please contact us on request.

Engine Chiptuning Mercedes AMG W205 4.0TT