Chiptuning BMW 535d by bhp motorsport – your partner for professional performance enhancement and chip tuning

With its 272 hp as standard, the BMW 535d is a powerful vehicle with strong acceleration and already good performance. However, chip tuning can be used to increase the performance of the engine to the highest level by optimizing the field. The tuning software already reaches 1 326 hp in the small stage, up to 350 hp in level 2 and over 700Nm each. The driving pleasure increases noticeably, the BMW becomes more revolving and the engine consumes less fuel due to the chip tuning.

By software optimization level 1 from 272 hp to 326 hp at 284 km/h.

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With chip tuning, your BMW 535d gains power, torque and maximum speed. With a production output of 272 hp, the BMW with 2993 cm3 displacement is already a powerhouse ex-factory, which you can additionally optimize by means of chip tuning according to your claim for more performance. The horsepower increases to 326 to 350, the torque increases from a whopping 560 Nm to a whopping 640-700 Nm as standard and the top speed of originally 250 km/h provides more driving pleasure after the BMW chip tuning with 284 km/h. Without chip with characteristic field optimization, the 535d accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. The chiptuning BMW from bhp-motorsport gives you an acceleration increase of more than a full second and convinces with a top performance – from 0-100 km/h in only 5 – 5.5 seconds.

With bhp-motorsport you decide for professional and effective chip tuning and even have the possibility to provide even more performance with additional components. Optionally, you can choose a sports air filter, a charge air cooler or a modified exhaust system and have it integrated into your BMW in addition to chip tuning. You will be amazed at how the chip tuning developed by experts improves the performance of your BMW and how the characteristic field optimization affects acceleration even with lower fuel consumption. You will also receive the chip tuning including TÜV certificates (additional charge) for a trouble-free registration when the vehicle is registered or re-registered.

Chiptuning 535d Benefits

Opt for chip tuning for your BMW 535d now and enjoy the benefits you get from our professional field optimization. It is a tuning chip developed by our experts on the dynamometer, which gets the most out of your BMW 535d and can be easily removed by the TÜV. With the optional warranty for the engine, gearbox and turbo, you can tune with bhp-motorsport safely and without risk. Immediately after the chip tuning of the BMW, you will be amazed by the increased performance and the generally optimized performance. Our customers say that the performance after the chip tuning 535d is no longer a comparison to the production vehicle. Convince yourself and get the most out of your BMW 535d with chip tuning from bhp-motorsport through field optimization.

Chiptuning for the BMW 535d