Powergate3+ is the portable OBD programmer with touchscreen that allowsyour customers to program the control unit of their vehiclescompletely autonomouslyby using pre-installed identifiers that you have modified.

It is a technical innovation, which allows you to attract new customersthat are far from you. Configure and customize the Powergate3+ and send it to your customer wherever it is. Don’t miss the opportunity to to open a new and profitable industry!

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Key features

  • Direct connection to the vehiclevia OBD (cable included).
  • On the Powergate 3+ that you send to your customers,up to 5 other different mapping filescan be stored in addition to theoriginal vehicle file. 
  • The Powergate3+ can be sold and shipped to any customer worldwide.
  • Your customer can write the file on the car as needed andcompletely autonomously. 
  • At any time, your customer can resetthe ECU tofactory settings thanks to the original file that is always stored on the Powergate3+.
  • Standard connection via USB port to the PC for device configuration (cable included).
  • Easy operation and maximum safety for you and the end customer. All procedures are managed and monitored in such a way that the customer cannot write an incorrect file.
  • Powergate3+ also works as a diagnostic tool. It is possible to read and delete the error memory.
  • Powergate3+ is fully customizable:you can easily change and incorporate your logo, icons, language and images.

Which devices do we offer you

  • Powergate3+ Decoder: It is the device that you need to configure and assign all other Powergate 3+ for your customers. All files you change and upload to your device are encrypted to protect your work.
  • Software Alientech Manager: It is the free software for the tuner. You can access, configure, customize the graphics, and load the files onto the Powergate3+ User, connect to the Alientech database, and get information about your connected user devices. Alientech Manager can be installed on any PC.
  • Powergate3+ User: It is the tool that is sent to the end customer. Contains the original file and your modified files (up to 5 different files are possible). Each Powergate3 + (user) is connected to your customer’s vehicle. If he changes the vehicle, the Powergate3+ can be reassigned to a new vehicle.
  • Software User: It is the free software that the end customer uses to download the original file and load the modified files you have created on the Powergate3+
Powergate 3+ End Customer Flasher