Chiptuning for the Alfa Romeo 4C


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The Alfa Romeo 4C is often underestimated, due to its relatively low displacement for sports cars. The 1.8 or 1.75 litre engine of the Alfa Romeo 4C is delivered from the factory with 240hp and a torque of 350Nm. Thanks to an increase in performance through chip tuning from Bhp But motorsport doesn’t have to be the limit yet. This engine power is far from everything in the 4-cylinder in-line engine.

There is still a lot of room for manoeuvre and potential in this engine to raise it to a new and sportier level with the help of chip tuning (change of the characteristics of the engine control unit).

The components of the 4-cylinder engine and its 6-speed dual-clutch transmission have enough reserves to easily increase engine power and torque. The factory-installed parts are already designed for higher driving performance.


Even in the normal chip tuning configuration, power values of approx. 270hp and 400Nm can be achieved.


The tuning software of the Alfa was developed and programmed on bhp motorsport’s in-house all-wheel drive test bench. The engine and wheel power as well as the torque are continuously recorded. Various vehicle parameters can also be recorded on the test bench while driving. This is necessary to perfectly match the chip tuning software to the vehicle.


The developers of Bhp motorsport already attachthe the highest value to the best possible exhaust, consumption and performance values when developing the optimised characteristics. For this reason, the performance improvement of Bhp motorsport (at an additional cost) can also be combined with a TÜV certificate and a warranty for engine and drive. Also high priority is the suitability for everyday use and the stability. Any increase in performance should be designed in such a way that the use of the vehicle in the ordinary sense is maintained or improved as far as possible.


In terms of performance, acceleration and elasticity naturally improve, but as a rule, fuel consumption decreases.


If you are interested in improving performance through chip tuning, please feel free to contact us. We program engine control units not only for Alfa Romeo models, but also for many other brands. Bhp motorsport specializes in the development of chip tuning and electronic performance enhancements and now distributes them worldwide.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Chiptuning for the Alfa Romeo 4C