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bhp motorsport – The Porsche 991 GT2 RS


A new guest at bhp motorsport – the Porsche 991 GT2 RS.

One should think that the engine of this super sportsman is already exhausted – but far from it.

bhp motorsport also offers a considerable increase in performance. The 6-cylinder Boxer engine is developed by the Bhp motorsport characteristic field optimization a performance of 770hp and 900Nm. The speaker holding is additionally improved, the high torque is already available at low speeds. PDK gearbox and performance-enhanced motor harmonize perfectly. This helps the Porsche to a proper punch again in a longitudinal dynamic. Bhp motorsport has coordinated the chip tuning on the in-house dynamometer. All performance-relevant parameters and characteristics of the engine control unit have been matched to each other in order to achieve the highest possible performance. The two turbochargers get a little more charge pressure programmed, injection and ignition adapted to it.

The higher performance improves the acceleration, but also the top speed shifts a little further.

TÜV reports and warranty are available for any performance increase of bhp motorsport (extra charge)


Bhp motorsport – many years of experience in increasing the performance of Porsche vehicles of all kinds.

Please submit your request regarding chip tuning to our team of experts.

The team of Bhp motorsport is looking forward to you.

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