Stage 2 chip tuning for the AMG GT, AMG GTS, AMG GTR, AMG-GTC from bhp motorsport



Bhp motorsport achieves new top performance for the Mercedes AMG GT models with the 4.0 litre bi-turbo engine. For all customers, for whom our level 1 on approx. 600hp is not enough, we have now added a skip.

A specially tuned chip tuning software with newly adapted characteristics, high-performance turbochargers (specially made for bhp by our partner TTH) and a modified suction result in a power of 680hp and 830Nm (limited due to dual clutch transmission). Top speeds of more than 320 km/h are no longer a problem. The sprint from 100 to 200km/h succeeds in under 6 seconds.

The experts from Bhp spent a lot of time on the in-house dynamometer in order to be able to offer the already standard V8 engine an even stronger performance package. Our performance level 1 completely changed the vehicle and made the athlete even more sporty. But level 2 allows the vehicle to pass many super athletes. Short response to gas commands, fast switching times and a performance characteristic that your peers are looking for. The motor quickly builds up charging pressure. Upgrade turbochargers are designed specifically for fast response and high pressure and temperature stability from your turbine geometry. They provide the required amount of air to provide the AMG GT’s 4.0 Biturbo AMG engine with high performance.



Bhp motorsport paid particular attention to maintaining everyday suitability and stability when developing the engine software’s characteristics. For this reason, and in consideration of the dual-clutch transmission, the torque was limited. However, 830Nm is easy enough for sufficient force and elasticity in any speed range. The AMG GT can be moved comfortably in everyday life despite the high performance increase – only when you push the pedal against the ground does the engine develop a tremendous power and insane


Even friends of sporty vehicles have to assign the AMG GT to a new category after such an increase in performance. The relatively light vehicle weight enables performance and sprint values, which are usually achieved only by vehicles that are significantly more expensive.

The AMG GT models and especially the AMG GTR are already looking for cross-dynamic opponents as standard. Now the air is also longitudinally dynamically tight for other super athletes.


If you have any interest in improving the performance of your AMG GT, please contact us.

bhp motorsport Chiptuning for the AMG GT / GTS

Level 1: 600hp and 780Nm

Stage 2 Upgrade: 680hp and 830Nm

bhp motorsport Chiptuning for the AMG GTR / GTC

Level 1: 630hp and 800Nm

Stage 2 Upgrade: 700hp and 840Nm

Stage 2 chip tuning for the AMG GTS