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Your leading partner for chip tuning and performance enhancements.

Let yourself be inspired by the additional performance potentialthat we elicit from your vehicle.

Today, every vehicle has power reserves, which are retained by the manufacturer for future models. bhp


is committed to this potential and has been developing performance-enhancing software

for various cars and trucks for more than 20 years. Through the targeted intervention in engine management, our developers can perfectly coordinate all parameters and characteristics of the engine. This always results in a noticeable performance effect and usually even a reduction in fuel consumption.

Many tests on the
in-house all-wheel drive dynamometer
and extensive experience with a wide range of vehicle models enable us to offer you professional performance enhancements through field optimization / chip tuning for a wide range of vehicle models.

The possibility of warranty insurance for the engine and drive as well as a TÜV certificate

also makes bhp

motorsport your first choice when it comes to the performance of your vehicle.

“We do not go to the limit of what is possible, but make the most of it”

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motorsport made of passion

What distinguishes bhp

A leader in the European chip tuning industry for years. 
Through our own development on a Rotronics all-wheel drive test bench, several in-house programmers and our own competence development center with electronics test, we are able to use high-quality tuning software for almost all vehicles of the world market to be able to offer. Our success, the quality of our work and above all our advice is reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction. We attach great importance to a personal contact. This is the only way to respond directly to the individual wish of our customer. Our ambition is still: Our buyers should not only have fun with your performance-enhanced vehicle for a few kilometres, but ideally have a car life with chip tuning from 


 drive bhp motorsport. 

We atbhp

motorsport, as the name suggests, are always committed to racing with one leg. 

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The service

by bhp

your leading partner for chip tuning and performance enhancements. 

  • Over 21 years of experience in chip tuning

  • In-house programming of the tuning data sets

  • Own development on Rotronics all-wheel drive test bench

  • TÜV and warranty for many vehicles possible

  • Individual software customization for every performance increase

  • Consistent service life of the motor after tuning

  • No change in exhaust gas values / EU standard

  • Consistent maintenance costs / maintenance intervals

  • Additional fuel savings

  • Conversions by a specialist workshop

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