Chiptuning for the BMX X5 M F85 / BMW X6 M F86 from bhp motorsport


bhp©  motorsport offers a decent performance increase for the 4.4 litre Biturbo from BMW’s M GmbH. As with all BMW F-models, this can be programmed to the engine control unit via the OBD 2 interface. The performance optimization of bhp© motorsport is achieved by changing the characteristics of the original engine control unit – i.e. not with an additional box or electronics. The experts have developed and tested the development of the performance parameters on the in-house test bench (X-Drive suitable). The 8-speed automatic was also taken into account and protected by a limit of maximum torque.

The engine still has enormous potential from its in-house and can be used with a level 1 performance increase of bhp© increased to almost 700hp and 900Nm. The limit of the maximum speed (V-max limit) is also removed by the chip tuning. This gives the vehicle the possibility to accelerate up to approx. 300 km/h.


As we know that BMW’s „X-models“ are not light vehicles, an increase in performance is of course just right. As the band pulls through, the values improve significantly once again. Sporty riders get their money’s worth here. Even at low speeds, the engine builds up a high torque and allows the vehicle to accelerate perfectly from a stand-up level. With increasing speed, the turbochargers can reach their full potential and significantly increase the engine power due to the larger air volume.

bhp© motorsport also paid full attention to everyday suitability, road approval and durability in the development of the performance enhancement of this vehicle. Therefore, our tuning measure can also be supplemented with a warranty and a TÜV certificate (both additional costs).

We are very pleased if you contact us if you have any questions about your vehicle. We are happy to answer all your questions and support you in your tuning project.

Chiptuning by bhp© motorsport is also available for other BMW models with the 4.4litre V8 Biturbo from BMW N63 and S63. Please ask for the exact performance data or choose your vehicle from our tuning configurator.


Engine Power (kW) at 1/min Torque (N-m) at 1/min Vehicle
N63B44O0[14] 300 at 5500-6400 600 at 1750-4500 E70 X5 xDrive50i
E71 X6 xDrive50i
N63[3] 340 at 5500-6000 650 at 1800-4750 G30 M550i
N63[15] 330 at 5500-6000 650 at 2000-4500 F16 X6 50i
F15 X5 50i[16]F07 550i[17]
N63[18] 447 at 5750-6250 800 at 3500-5000 Alpina B5 (G30)
N63[19] 330 at 5500 650 at 2000-4500 F13 650i
N63[20] 441 at 6000 800 at 3500-4500 Alpina B6
N63[20] 447 at 5750-6250 800 at 3000-5000 Alpina B7 (G12)
N63[21] 330 at 5500-6000 650 at 1800-4500 G11 750i
S63 [9] 408 at 6000 680 at 1500-5650 X5 M E70, X6 M E71
S63TU[10] 412 at 6000-7000 680 at 1500-5750 F10 M5, F13 M6
S63 (P63)[22][11] 442 at 6000-7000 700 at 1500-6000 F13 M6 Competition
S63T2[23] 423 at 6000-6500 750 at 2200-5000 F15 X5 M, F16 X6 M[24]
S63 T4[13] 441 [12] BMW M5 F90
P63/1[13] at least 367 to over 441 [13] BMW M8 GTE


Engine chip tuning for the BMX X5 M F85 / BMW X6 M F86