Compressor Tuning Kits Mercedes

Compressor tuning for Mercedes engines from bhp motorsport


bhp© motorsport has been working on improving the performance of Mercedes engines since the beginning. For many years, the sporty motors were equipped with a compressor charge.

The experts at bhp© have developed a corresponding change in compressor translation for all these engines. Here, a higher speed of the compressor is achieved mechanically, usually by changing the diameter of the crankshaft belt wheel. The components are developed by bhp© and manufactured exclusively by a CNC milling plant. This change is complemented by chip tuning (software adjustment of the engine control unit). Thanks to the new tuning software, various parameters are adapted to the higher combustion air volume and, on some models, the maximum speed limit (V-max) is also lifted at the same time, e.g. for the 55 AMG compressor motors.



Well-known compressor engines from Mercedes are, for example:

180 compressor, 200 compressor, 230 compressor, with the 4-cylinder engines M111, M271

Performance increase approx. 25-40hp and 50Nm

32 AMG compressor, for the 6 cylinder engines M112 e.g. from C-Class W203 and SLK R170

Performance increase approx. 30-40hp and 60Nm

55 AMG compressor, for the 8 cylinder engines M113 e.g. made of E 55, S 55, M 55, G 55, SL 55, CL55, CLK DTM, SLR McLaren

Performance increase approx. 50- 70hp and 100Nm


The modifications of the compressor translation are tried to keep in such a way that, for example, the original belts can be used by the manufacturer. This significantly facilitates service work for the future. Our conversion kits can also be installed by third-party workshops (conversion time depending on the model 0.5 – 2 hours). Only the engine control units have to be sent to us for reprogramming.

The performance improvement due to chip tuning and modification of the compressor translation can be supplemented by a TÜV certificate and a warranty for the engine (additional charge)

We look forward to your inquiry about tuning options for your compressor engine.

Similar performance enhancements due to chip tuning and compressor modification are also available for the BMW Mini models with compressor, Jaguar compressor – engines 3.0K and 5.0K, Land Rover / Range Rover compressor engines 5.0K , Audi with 3.0TFSI – compressor engines.

Compressor Tuning Kits Mercedes