Porsche 992 Chiptuning by bhp

bhp motorsport has also already dedicated itself to the new Porsche 992. The current engines from Porsche have incredible performance potential,which

motorsport exploits by optimizing the software of the original engine control unit. The data is read out and replaced with specially adapted parameters.

This leads to a significant increase in performance and thus an improved acceleration.

The vehicles can be installed, adjusted and measured on bhp motorsport’s in-house all-wheel drive test bench. When adjusting the new engine power, special attention is paid to maintaining longevity and suitability for everyday use. Attention is also paid to the four-wheel drive and the switching harmony of the PDK transmission. Perfectly balanced performance parameters are the goal of any performance enhancement.

Many years of experience in the optimization of the field of control units makes

motorsport the trusting partner when it comes to chip tuning and performance enhancement through software.


You will also be happy to consult about improving the performance of your Porsche model. The colleagues of

motorsport take the time to answer your questions. Give your Porsche the „extra portion of extra power„.

Chiptuning Porsche 992 by bhp motorsport