Chiptuning for the Hyundai I30 N 2.0 T-GDI


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Recently, Hyundai’s 2.0 Turbo engines can also be modified. The team of Bhp motorsport has taken up this model as quickly as possible and started adapting the software on the in-house dynamometer. For this purpose, the original engine control unit is first read out. After that, all combustion-relevant parameters are adjusted. It is important to adjust the characteristics for, for example, injection, ignition and also charging pressure in such a way that a significant additional power is generated, but this does not limit the suitability for everyday use and driveability. According to the philosophy of Bhp motorsport – „Not to go to the limit of what is possible, but to that of the meaningful“.

In order to be able to offer safety-conscious customers an increase in performance, chip tuning is necessary by optimizing the field of Bhp motorsport can also be supplemented with a TÜV certificate and a warranty for the engine (subject to a surcharge).

The software optimization is designed in such a way that the increased engine power is ideally in harmony with the transmission and the powertrain. The programming of the engine control unit is carried out in such a way that a high torque is quickly realized even at low speeds. This should be based on the widest possible speed band and enable a significant power plus in higher speeds compared to the standard power.

Both models, both the Hyundai I30 N 2.0T-GDI, and the performance version can be optimized by a characteristic field optimization of bhp motorsport.

Of course, the increase in performance also includes the lifting of the maximum speed limit. This limit is also shifted upwards in the same move, so that the already sporty Hyundai can convert its increased performance into a higher speed.

Bhp motorsport is just the right partner when it comes to more power and performance for your Hyundai.


The team of bhp motorsport will be happy to advise you in detail on performance improvements, chip tuning and field optimizations.

Many other Hyundai models are also Bhp motorsport optimized. Please make a request. We look forward to your call.

Chiptuning for the Hyundai I30 N 2.0 T-GDI