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McLaren 720S and McLaren Senna


Bhp motorsport lives up to its name. An increase in performance for McLaren’s current sports cars is one of the ultimate disciplines in the tuning sector. We are proud to enjoy the trust of the owners of such vehicles. More praise for our work is hardly possible.

Bhp motorsport increased the performance and torque of the McLaren Senna by specifically modifying the characteristics of the Bosch engine control unit. The 8-cylinder Biturbo engine still has a lot of potential that the developers of Bhp motorsport did not want to be left unused. The software was tested on some racetracks, among other things. The performance, the responsiveness and also the pull-through from low speeds has improved significantly.


The 720S can also be Bhp motorsport with a chip tuning to a higher performance. Thanks to the low vehicle weight and an engine power of over 800hp, there is hardly any competition close to series production that can be dangerous for the car.


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Performance improvements through characteristic field optimization / chip tuning from bhp motorsport – available for almost all McLaren models


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Chiptuning by McLaren 720S and McLaren Senna