Characteristic field optimization for the new Porsche type „Cayenne Coupe 3.0T“


bhp motorsport

When it comes to a fast, strong and stylish SUV, you probably can’t get past the Porsche Cayenne.

For this reason, we have focused as soon as possible on developing an increase in performance for the current model of the Porsche family.


The turbocharged 6-cylinder engine of the Cayenne Coupé delivers approx. 340hp and 450NM in series production.

After the software optimization of Bhp motorsport type: Stage 1, the gasoline engine now produces a whopping 400hp power and 550NM of torque.


The third generation of the Cayenne proves to be a sporty and comfortable companion in everyday life. With the potential and the outstanding technology, a reliable and durable performance increase of Bhp motorsport. Of course, the new power level is programmed in such a way that the engine, transmission and all-wheel drive are in harmony. The objective of optimization is basically, despite increased performance, the comfort and the suitability for everyday use not to be restricted.


We are also happy to help your SUV.

Chiptuning by Bhp motorsport is available for many SUV models, including Audi, Jeep, Land Rover, Hyundai, Lamborghini Urus, Nissan, Citroen, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, VW and many more. 


On request, a performance diagram can also be created on our all-wheel drive dynamometer. Individual wishes or focal points such as fuel saving tuning can be discussed and implemented on site if technically possible.


Optionally, you can also receive a TÜV certificate or a guarantee for the increase in performance (additional charge).


Find out more now and get your non-binding offer for an increase in performance through chip tuning from Bhp Motorsport.

Characteristic field optimization for the new Porsche type „Cayenne Coupe 3.0T“