Chiptuning with compressor change Stage 2


the Jaguar and RangeRover compressor models


Bhp motorsport adds a level 2 to the chip tuning system, which has been available for several years, with characteristic field optimization for the Jaguar and RangeRover 3.0 and 5.0 compressor engines.

For these motors, the translation of the compressor is changed in addition to the electronics. This increases the charging pressure – and thus the torque over the entire speed range. The software of the engine control unit is Bhp motorsport is ideally adapted to these conditions.

This enables significantly improved driving performance – even for level 1 software. The reaction behavior of the entire motor is optimized for performance. Included in the software optimization is of course also the removal of the standard V-Max limit. Depending on the engine and model, significantly higher speeds can be achieved.


TÜV approval and engine warranty (additional charge) is available for most models.

The team of Bhp motorsport is pleased to receive your request for an increase in performance through chip tuning for your Jaguar or RangeRover model with compressor engine.

Chiptuning Stage 2 for Jaguar and Range Rover Compressor Models