Chiptuning for the Smart 453


bhp© motorsport


bhp has been dedicated to improving the performance of smart models © motorsport since the beginning of the company’s history. These included the first 450 series, then 451, the old Smart ForFour (1 generation) and, since the beginning of 2015, the Smart 453. Chiptuning from bhp motorsport is available for all models – whether diesel (Smart cdi), gasoline, turbo petrol or electric. Almost all models have been in bhp’s fleet for a while over the years and have been doing their job. Accordingly, the developers were able to acquire a lot of experience in improving the performance of these models.

for many years, bhp has been supplying various smart centers and vehicle refiners that specialize in smart tuning.

The smart drivers not only longed for higher engine power. Many also want the maximum speed limit (V-Max) to be raised to make it easier to overtake on the motorway. Others were bothered by the standard long switching times.

bhp© motorsport has a solution for almost every concern.

With the introduction of the Smart 453, much has been renewed. The most important improvement was the change to the dual-clutch transmission, which now performs the shift changes almost without interruption of traction.

For this model, performance improvements were again realized through a field optimization. The developers at bhp© have tested each engine extensively and programmed a suitable tuning for it. Most often seen is the 0.9 liter turbo engine. This has high performance potential. The power is increased to approx. 120hp and 180Nm of torque. This enables significantly improved driving performance. The elasticity values also allow the car to accelerate much faster. Thanks to the increased engine power, the vehicles now easily reach a top speed of 160-185 km/h – depending on the setting. At bhp© motorsport, all Smart models (despite the small axis distance) can be measured on the dynamometer.

The developers adjusted the characteristics of the engine control unit in such a way that with optimum power output no increased wear or a restriction of the suitability for everyday use can be observed. For this reason, a TÜV certificate and an engine warranty are also available for a small surcharge. The engine control unit is reprogrammed directly. It is also possible to send in the engine control unit.


Soon bhp© motorsport will complete an optimization of the Smart Electric Drive. For this purpose, we will inform you separately.


We look forward to hearing from you regarding chip tuning for Smart. We would be happy to advise you in detail.


The following models are optimized for performance and the V-Max is repealed:


Chiptuning from bhp© motorsport for Smart 453:

999cc suction gasoline with 45KW / 61HP and 52KW / 71PS

898cc turbo petrol with 66KW / 90hp and Brabus with 80KW / 109hp



Chiptuning frombhp© motorsport for Smart 450:

599cc with 33KW / 45hp

599cc with 40KW / 55HP

599cc with 45KW / 61HP

698cc with 37KW / 50HP

698cc with 45KW / 61HP

698cc with 55KW / 75HP Brabus

799cc cdi diesel with 30KW / 41hp


Chiptuning from bhp© motorsport for Smart 451:

999cc suction gasoline with 45KW / 61HP and 52KW / 71PS

999cc turbo petrol with 62KW / 84hp and Brabus 72KW / 98HP and 75KW / 102ps

799cc Turbo Diesel cdi with 33KW / 45hp and 40KW / 54ps


Chiptuning by bhp© motorsport for Smart Roadster / Smart Roadster Coupe 452:

698cc turbo petrol engine with 45KW / 61hp, 60KW / 82hp and Brabus 74KW / 101PS

Chiptuning for the Smart 453