Engine for the Honda Civic 1.5V-TEC Turbo Engine


bhp motorsport

Bhp motorsport has now continued the development of chip tuning for Honda’s 1.5l turbo and completed a second performance stage. The engine, for example installed in the Honda Civic under the names 1.5VTec with 182hp, EX-T (USA) with 174hp, 220 Turbo (China) with 177hp can be programmed via OBD2 interface. The developers of Bhp can directly change all important characteristics of the engine control unit. The engine has amazing potential compared to the low displacement. Bhp motorsport was able to increase the performance by means of chip tuning up to 235hp and 365Nm. A softer version with 215hp and 320Nm is also available.

In level 2, the maximum speed is also increased to approx. 7000 RPM, so that the acceleration time can be further improved. The reprogramming of the engine control unit ensures a significant increase in power and torque, but also the maximum speed limit is adjusted. Bhp motorsport has already tested the new performance on the dynamometer.

Due to the enormous increase in torque, bhp motorsport’s „Chiptuning Level 2“ is only available for manual transmissions and dual-clutch transmissions. The stepless CTV transmission is offered in the same way as the stage 1.

On request and at an additional cost, a warranty insurance for engine and drive as well as a TÜV certificate for registration in the vehicle documents is available.

The performance improvement of the 1.5VTEC engine through chip tuning is offered by bhp motorsport for the following vehicles, among others:

Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC, Honda Civic EX-T, Honda Civic 220 Turbo

Honda Acura CDX 1.5VTEC

Honda Accord 1.5VTEC

Honda CR-V 1.5VTEC

Further performance improvements for Honda and Type-R models on request.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding performance enhancements and chip tuning for your Honda.

Chiptuning for the Honda Civic 1.5 V-Tec