Chiptuning for the Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is one of Ford’s vehicles, especially appreciated for its driving characteristics and reliability. The car’s engine reacts quickly and always offers the driver a high level of fun and pleasure. However, in certain situations, you may have wished that your car would have more horsepower and more acceleration. With a chip tuning for the Ford Focus you can finally prove your driving performance. The chip tuning makes the 2.0TDCI engine a purring racing cat that feels just as comfortable on overland driving as on the highway or in the city.

Know-how and state-of-the-art technology ensure the optimization of the field of knowledge in the Ford Focus



Do you want your Focus to respond to your commands even faster and have more fun on the streets? A field optimization at Ford makes this possible. Today, only rarely do chips in the engine control have to be soldered and replaced. The chip tuning of the Ford Focus is only done via the engine control software. The chip tuning fpr the 2.0TDCI is therefore faster than you might think at first. Within a short period of time, the software supplied by the vehicle manufacturer is optimized and replaced by an innovative software solution that manages to improve the performance of your vehicle in many areas. Within a short time you get the feeling of sitting in a completely different vehicle. Although the engine and components remain the same, you will experience noticeably more agile and sporty driving thanks to the chip tuning for the Ford Focus. Of course, the right technology is also crucial for chip tuning or field optimization. If you turn to the professional, you can be sure that the new software interacts well with the rest of the vehicle and that there is no higher wear and tear and excessive fuel consumption.


Chiptuning for the 2.0TDCI engine – more driving fun for the ambitious driver


A vehicle with fast acceleration values and a high final speed does not necessarily mean driving at risk or at excessive speed. Many drivers simply want to feel a certain resonance on the road from the side of the automobile and can also relax while driving. For safe overtaking and agile driving in all positions, more performance can never hurt. Chip tuning for the Ford Focus is the most cost-effective and fastest way to improve vehicle performance. Even if you are not part of the tuning scene, you will soon be convinced of the concept of characteristic optimization for the Ford. No longer does the vehicle set you any limits, but you alone are able to determine the type of driving. It has never been easier to get the fun back while driving. Surely you will close your Ford Focus even more in your heart after a chip tuning. After a field optimization, you as a driver will also quickly understand why Ford could have such great success estrues in racing, especially in the rally sector, with the Focus. With chip tuning, the true nature of this special vehicle comes to light. Get the right fun to drive with a field optimization.

Chiptuning for the Ford Focus