Chiptuning for BMW M140i F20 / F21 with 340hp


bhp motorsport

Newly tested at Bhp motorsport is the chip tuning for the BMW M140i. The vehicles with the new ECU technology MG1 from Bosch can now be improved with a characteristic field optimization. Thanks to turbocharging, the 6-cylinder in-line engine is ideal for chip tuning. Via THE OBD2 interface, the tuning software can be Bhp transferred directly to the engine control unit.

Current performance tests on the BMW M140i’s in-house dynamometer with the B58B30 turbo petrol engine showed an increase in performance to around 420hp and around 600Nm. The tuning parameters have been tuned so that you harmonize perfectly with the gearbox (6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic). The chip tuning measure is also not a problem for all-wheel drive.

On request, a corresponding downpipe with EEC approval is also available. This reduces the exhaust backpressure and thus reduces the exhaust gas temperature in the turbocharger.

The new engine power enables the BMW 140 to significantly improve acceleration values and pull-through. The maximum speed limit (V-Max) is also raised by bhp motorsport as part of software optimization. This allows speeds of up to approx. 300km/h.

For the sake of safety, this BMW model is once again available for the option of ordering a TÜV certificate or an engine warranty (subject to a surcharge).

We are very pleased about your inquiry regarding performance improvements and chip tuning for the BMW M140i F20/F21 B58B30.

Of course, similar power levels apply to all other BMW models with the B58 engine.


3.0 l 326 hp

* G11 as 740i sedan (from 2015)

* F30 as 340i sedan (since 2015)

* F31 as 340i Touring (since 2015)

* F32 as 440i Coupé (since 2016)

* F33 as 440i convertible (since 2016)

* F36 as 440i Gran Coupé (since 2016)

3.0 l 340 hp

* F20/ F21 as M140i (since 2016)

* F22/ F23 as M240i (since 2016)

* G30/31 as 540i (since 2017)

3.0 l 360 hp

* F30/ F31 as 340i with BMW M Performance (since 2015)

* F32/ F33/ F36 as 440i with BMW M Performance (since 2015)

* G30/31 as 540i with BMW M Performance (since 2017)

* G01 as X3 M40i (since 2017)

Chiptuning for BMW M140i F20 / F21 with 340hp